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Ecuador's Amazon Rainforest, is the most accessible and safest jungle in South America, with a lot of welcoming native ethnic groups and exotic wildlife that are awaiting to be discovered by you!

The ecuadorian amazon region is one of the less impacted areas in South America by tropical diseases, that´s why it is very attractive to our visitors to book their "first experience" in a tropical rainforest in Ecuador! It is one of the most spectacular reservoirs of biodiversity on the planet crossed by winding rivers, impressive rapids and towering waterfalls, the Amazon rainforest is densely inhabited by unique species of fauna and flora, making it a perfect place to reconnect with nature. 

It extends over a 120.000 km2-area and has 100% humidity most of the days of the year, which is normal in tropical-rain-forests. It is characterized by its warmed climate, lush vegetation, as well as by its fauna, several native indigenous communities, traditions, and customs that vary from each other.
There are several lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon basins that allow visitors to commune with nature, enjoying their respective and necesary facilities. Most of them were built with the rustic style of the local people´s huts, but keeping the comfort of the contemporary construction materials we may find at home. Suviatour wills let you learn more about the ancient local cultures, that have survived the past ceturies hidden from "civilization", and feel closer to the nature that have been naturally protected by the charming and irregular topography of the region. The variety of macro and microhabitats of the Amazon region is amazing..!! Just in a short walk you can observe hundreds of birds’ species, monkeys, aligators, butterflies, sloths, etc. Book in advance one of the best and safest alternatives to enjoy the tropical rainforest at its purest...

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