Pacific Coast

Over 1.600 km (1.000 miles) of endless sandy beaches and tropical warm weather, welcome visitors looking for outdoors fun all year around!!!

Ecuador's coast region is a composition of beautiful lush green mangrove forests, a jungle, crystal clear waters, stunning clean sandy beaches and many quaint fishing villages. The coastline of Ecuador plays a big role in Ecuador's economy and cuisine, delivering tons of tasty and fresh seafood daily and entertaining the many tourists that visit each year; specially familiy groups and honneymooners that look for lifetime memories...

The Ecuadorian coast has a very moderate hot and humid climate, with temperatures averaging 25 Cº to 31 Cº. The rainy season is during the months of December to May, when it is more warm and humid. The dry season is a little less humid but it isn't dry at all - Ecuador never goes for long periods without heavy rainfall, due to the ocean stream known as "El Niño".

The Ecuadorian Coast is characterized for its ever changing landscape, from miles of coconut fringed beaches, gigantic cliffs towering over multicolored coves, to green mangrove forests and dry tropical woodlands. Bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and blessed with a warm tropical weather throughout the year. This area is popular in between nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, surfers, and beachgoers alike. Further inland lie picturesque towns, popular for the local gastronomy and craftsmanship, the bustling city of Guayaquil, historical and archeological sites, and many miles of cacao, banana, african palm, sugarcane and rice plantations.

If you didn't have enough time to book your dreamed trip to the Galapagos Islands, we highly recommend to book our multi-days-trips to Guayaquil, Santa Elena and Manabí provinces. Be the witness of all the similarities with the Galapagos Islands, you would find traveling and visiting our unforgettable beaches! You will be charmed by our clean beaches, tasty food, comfortable hotels and incredible marine wildlife!!